At Cottage of Davison, we recognize our residents as the special individuals they are. Life is much more than physical health; it also includes the health of the human spirit. When physical health begins to fail, the nurturing of the spirit becomes critical for maintaining the dignity of the individual.

Short Term Care

At Cottage of Davison, we welcome seniors to stay with us short term, while their caregivers are unavailable, or while they require a little extra care. This is an excellent option if the caregiver is on vacation or if the senior has become ill or injured and needs a little extra attention while they are healing.

Our short term residents get the full experience of The Cottage of Davison including our daily activities, social outings, meals, housekeeping, all 24 hour nursing service, and more!

Palliative Care

When seniors and their families decide that they no longer want to receive aggressive medical treatments, they can enroll in a palliative care plan at The Cottage of Davison. Our experienced and well trained staff of caregivers give our palliative care seniors the highest quality of life possible with symptom management in a caring, comfortable environment.


If a senior has become terminally ill, their family may choose to enroll them in a hospice care program which is focused on comfort and quality of life rather than lengthening it.

At The Cottage of Davison, we have collaborated with experienced hospice care staff to ensure that our hospice care seniors enjoy the highest quality of life possible. We offer family centered symptom management, private rooms, a comfortable environment, chef-prepared meals, daily activities, and more to ensure that our hospice seniors are happy and comfortable. We recommend and facilitate a high level of family involvement during hospice care. All care decisions are made by the senior and their family.

"Socialization and compassionate care designed for your peace of mind."