At Cottage of Davison, we specialize in caring for residents with dementia and Alzheimer's. We educate our staff on dementia and Alzheimer's care through educational courses and, most importantly, hands-on teachable moments. We have also created an environment and activities that will help our seniors thrive while reducing the progression of memory loss. We use the latest research focused on brain health and memory loss to create opportunities to help increase brain function and sharpen our residents' minds.

We Promise Quality and Personalized Care For Every Resident

We understand that no two residents require the same assistance. We have developed a personalized and specialized care program and offer a variety of care options in our community such as short-term stays, palliative care, and hospice care.

Before a resident moves in, we meet with them and their family to create a personalized care plan. We do not put our residents into cookie-cutter programs. We make sure that the senior's family and our team have realistic expectations before we accept a new resident.

Experienced Memory Loss & Alzheimer's Care Specialists

Care summaries are reviewed by our Resident Care Staff three times each day. We require documentation in addition to physical review of each resident to ensure that care has been delivered. The Home Administrator meets with each resident every day to ensure that all daily living activities have been completed. Quality, personalized care is our promise and our team is here to carry that out each and every day.

Proactive Care For Better Health

We take a proactive approach to care by offering exercise, fall prevention programs, and weight management programs. We also meet weekly to discuss safety, environment, and life enrichment.

In addition to our routine care assessment, we take the time to asses each of our residents for the risk of falling, elopement, skin/pressure ulcers, and dehydration. These assessments are done upon admission, yearly, and whenever there is any change in condition.

Our Fall Prevention Program Includes:

  • Daily exercise
  • Therapy
  • Chair and Bed Alarms
  • Daily walk-throughs to check for trip hazards

Weight Management

We make sure that our residents maintain a healthy weight by offering scheduled snacks and keeping a detailed food acceptance record.

Quality Assurance

We keep our facility in top condition while maintaining the safety and environmental standards that we have promised to our residents. In order to ensure this, we hold weekly meetings to discuss safety, environmental issues, life enrichment, care, and staff. We also make environmental rounds every month to ensure that everything is up to our standards. We do not allow side rails or smoking, and we regularly audit medication delivery, employee files, occurrence, and documentation.